Dressage in 24 calendar motifs

Photographed by Jacques Toffi

What makes these calendars special ...

You can find the most beautiful pictures of the two- and four-legged athletes and the most exciting competition scenes in the arenas in our dressage calendar.

When horse and rider understand each other with no apparent effort and no visible aids, and perform the most demanding of dressage movements in the same perfect unity and fusion as experienced dance partners, exuding dynamic elegance and harmony, they have then reached the upper echelons of dressage.

Capturing these special moments in which the pair represents such a beautiful harmonious unit is also an art. Depicting movement, power and gracefulness in one static photograph is something very few people can do well.

An acknowledged expert at this art, however, is Jacques Toffi. For over 30 years he has been accompanying all two-legged and four-legged athletes with his camera at important horse shows all over the world.

Special: This calendar offers you 24 beautiful monthly motifs - you can choose from two motifs for each month! So you can choose your personal favorite motif every month!

This calendar not only documents the demanding moments for horse and rider in equestrian sport. With his well-trained eye, his calm nature and his concentration on the essential elements, he creates incredibly intensive images.

Item number: 168
ISBN: 978-3-96412-035-9
Format: 39 x 46 cm

PRICE: € 19.50


Insights into the calendar

For 15 years I have been producing the sports calendars in close collaboration with my photographer colleague Jacques Toffi, who is at home on almost all national and international tournament venues and has probably the most unusual career of all equestrian photographers.

Born in Syria and as a professional container ship captain, Jacques Toffi was travelling on large cargo freighters all over the world. On land he started taking photographs to relax. When someone saw his shots of polo players in Hamburg, Toffi got the tip to take pictures "at a jumping tournament". Jacques does so at the international derby at Hamburg and took pictures that no one had ever seen before. That was over 30 years ago and Jacques became one of the most successful equestrian sport photographer in the world.

He is a wonderful person and friend; he has a very large heart and invests great passion in his work. This emotional depth is necessary in order to appreciate other living creatures and to see images which completely elude the perception of others. That is the real art in these fast-moving times in which we live, with so much technology but often so little human consideration and respect. 


I wish you great pleasure and enjoyments with this calendar – throughout the entire year!