Who still has a horse calendar on the wall today? Why do people still make such elaborate, large-format and sophisticated calendars? Yes, you have to be a little crazy to stick to it. Yes, I am, because I love horses and I love to present them in my art calendars in all their beauty.


For this purpose I travel to the most beautiful studs all over the world.  The calendars are printed on high-quality paper and designed with love. There are long texts in German and English about the Arabs and Frisians. The medium format calendars are all provided with 24 picture motives. You cannot put more into a calendar. 

Since 1985 I have dedicated myself to horse photography and make calendars and books to capture the special fascination of horses, their great soul and charisma in pictures. Horses are my life!  Thank you, I would like to say to all those who have remained loyal to me for years and for whom a Boiselle calendar on the wall is a matter of course. Thank you for all the praise I receive and which motivates me to continue. Because wherever my calendars hang on the wall, they exude a positive energy.

If you are a reseller or an equestrian shop owner, please send your orders directly to us by email !

Horse calendars 2021

by Gabriele Boiselle


Photoart calendars


Fascination 2021

PRICE: 32.50
Dimensions: 62 x 58 cm




Frisian Horses 2021

  PRICE: € 32.50 
Dimensions: 62 x 58 cm

BAROKE PFERDE-2021_1.jpg

Baroque Horses 2021

PRICE: € 32.50
Dimensions: 62 x 58 cm

Calendar with 24 motifs


Haflinger Horses 2021

PRICE: € 19.50
Dimensions: 46 x 39 cm


Icelandic Horses 2021

PRICE: € 19.50
Dimensions: 46 x 39 cm


Horse love 2021

PRICE: € 19.50
Dimensions: 46 x 39 cm


State Stud Marbach 2021

PRICE: € 19.50
Dimensions: 46 x 39 cm



Sports calendars


Dressage 2021

Show Jumping 2021

PRICE: € 19.50
Dimensions: 39 x 46 cm

PRICE: € 19.50
Dimensions: 39 x 46 cm



Family planner


Family Planner Happy Horses 2021

PRICE: € 12.50
Dimensions: 24 x 48 cm

Horse Diary

Agenda 2021_1.jpg

Horse Diary 2021

PRICE: € 18.50
Dimensions: 17 x 22 cm

Panoramic calendar

Panoramakalender, Die weite Welt der Pferde, Edition Boiselle

The wide world of horses

PRICE: € 89.00
Dimensions: 98 x 65 cm

Calendar without special year

Special calendar


Boiselle 2021
- landscape calendar

Kings Horses.jpg

The King´s Horses 2021

PRICE: € 32.50
Dimensions: 60 x 45 cm

PRICE: € 29.90
Dimensions: 69 x 49 cm

What makes these calendars special ...

Special: Every large photo art calendar has a free photo poster in 51 x 98 cm inside with an overview for 2021.

The calendar with 24 motifs offers you two beautiful photo motifs to choose for every month - two calendars in one!

On the backpages of every month of the  large-format photoart calendars Friesian Horses
and Fascination you can find interesting stories about the photo models, the stud farms and Gabriele Boiselles travels. These texts give you an exclusive insight into the life as a horse photographer.

Edition Boiselle's horse calendars are characterized by high quality and special care in production and design. They have been designed and selected with love for many years.

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