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Gabriele Boiselle

I am pleased to present you my past calendar collection from 2019 in this little review!  “You have to photograph horses with your heart”, that is my philosophy and I am proud that for more than 30 years I have been able to delight and inspire horse lovers all over the world with my pictures and my calendars!

Calendar review 2019

by Gabriele Boiselle

Photo art calendar

Kalender Fascination 2019
Kalender Friesen 2019
Kalender Barocke Pferde 2019

Art print calendar

Kalender Pferdeliebe 2019
Kalender Marbach 2019
Kalender Kenzie Dysli und die Pferde 2019
Kalender Haflinger 2019
Kalender Isländer 2019
Kalender Edle Arabe 2019
Kalender Prächtige Friesen 2019

Sports calendar

Sportkalender Dressur 2019
Sportkalender Springen 2019
Sportkalender Fahren 2019

Special calendar

Kalender Passion Pferd 2019
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