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Spanish horses

Photographed by Karin Leuthardt

What makes these calendars special ...

Special: This calendar is only available in our shop.

This calendar was created in Andalusia, Karin Leuthardt's adopted home. The noble "horses of the kings", as the Iberian horses are also called, fascinate us like hardly any other breed of horse. With their gentle character and graceful appearance they touch our soul and pull us under their spell.

Item number: 229
Format: 60 x 45 cm
PRICE: € 32.50


Insights into the calendar

It is an extraordinary pleasure for me to present this calendar by Karin Leuthardt. It makes me very proud that our photo shoots, in which she initially only carried my camera, gave rise to such great motivation that today she has developed into an incredibly great photographer. We both have a very long friendship and a special love for the Spanish horses.

Therefore I would like to present this calendar exclusively in the Edition Boiselle - it is only available here in this online shop!

Karen Leuthardt photographed the motifs of this calendar in Andalusia, her adopted home. She lives with her husband, horses and dogs near Cadiz and is not only a very good photographer, but a real horse woman through and through. She trains her own Spanish stallions and has been passing on her knowledge to numerous riding students for many years. Karins heart simply belongs to these wonderful, noble "horses of the kings", as the Iberian horses are also called, and you can feel this very clearly in the intensity of her pictures. With a lot of empathy and a very good look, she has created a calendar that like hardly anyone else reflects the special charm of these horses.

Karin Leuthardt
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