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Kunstkalender - Barocke Pferde - gemalt von Elise Genest - Pferdegemälde

Baroque horses - Andalusians & Lusitanos

Painted by Elise Genest

What makes this calendar special ...

The Canadian painter Elise Genest is dedicated to the baroque horse type. Her watercolors and oil paintings are powerful and correspond to the fiery temperament of these horses. There are mostly Andalusians and Lusitanos, but also magnificent Friesians with wonderful movements and lush manes can be found in her artworks.

Gabriele Boiselle met the Canadian painter Elise Genest at one of her photo seminars in Florida. She was immediately impressed by her special visual talent. During the seminar it became clear that she is not only a great photographer, but also an outstanding artist who creates unique paintings. This gave rise to the idea of publishing a special calendar with her works, so that horse lovers in Europe can also enjoy the wonderful compositions. This unique production resulted in a great friendship and collaboration, through which a whole series of calendars were created.

Item number: 221
ISBN: 978-3-96412-033-5
Format: 62 x 58 cm

PRICE: € 32.50

This calendar shows the love, affection and fascination that the painter has for these creatures and reproduces them in her paintings. Discover the horses from a very unusual side, full of beauty and impermanence.


Insights into the calendar

Elise Genest - Art & Cheveaux

„… The artist in me has always adored Iberian horses. Before I even encountered them in real life, I painted horses with impressive curves, high knee acon and manes flowing freely in the wind. I very quickly realised that these magic horses embodied everything which I loved so much about horses. In other words their energy, power, strength as well as a balanced temperament, concealed behind a dramac personality. They are the true embodiment of a work of art, magnificent in every respect! They smulate my creave energy, even in cases when I am aware that I have only captured a small part of their exceponal beauty. …“

                     Elise Genest

Elise Genest
Elise Genest

On the road with Gabriele Boiselle.

Exclusive photo book

Bildband Andalusians and Lusitanos - Iberian Horses

The horses of the Iberian Peninsula

In this illustrated book you will find wonderful photographs of Andalusians and Lusitano, which Gabriele Boiselle has taken on her numerous trips over the past 20 years. In addition, the book gives wonderful insights into the culture of Spain and Portugal, which is largely shaped by the horses.

The wonderful Iberian horses have always enchanted the photographer Gabriele Boiselle with their special beauty and their extraordinary charisma. For many years she has been traveling to Portugal and Spain to portray the most beautiful horses. When you look at the large pictures you can really feel the temperament and pride of these horses and their roots in a centuries-old European tradition.

Discover the horses and ancient riding culture of Spain and Portugal in this emotional photo book that reflects Gabriele Boiselle's personal passion and passion for these horses and is a photographic tribute to the Iberian horses.

Item number: 536
ISBN: 978-3-7419-1833-9
Format: 27 x 34 cm

300 pages
Price: € 29.95

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