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Edition Boielle – Über das Team

A warm welcome!

We proudly present: the team of the Edition Boiselle

Gabriele Boiselle is the creative source and motor behind Edition Boiselle. It is not a big publishing house, we are a small team that has been working together for many years and produces a new calendar collection every year with a lot of love and passion. The production of calendars is a matter close to my heart - and has been for over 30 years now. Since I prined my first Arabian Horse Calendar in 1984. My aim is to show all the beauty and charismatic charisma of the horse souls - for you to watch that a whole year and longer. And that means to produce the calendars with  great care and enthusiasm for the production from the very beginning.

Surely you have already asked yourself sometimes how these calendars are actually created? How we select our pictures and what quality criteria we have. Well, you can probably guess how much work it really is if you have ever tried to create a digital calendar or book from your most beautiful pictures. Such a calendar production takes time, a lot of heart and passion, a lot of knowledge about horses and above all fun and enthusiasm from every single person in our team!

Over 30 years of experience ...

Equestrian Calendars of the Edition Boiselle

Edition Boiselle – Kalender Dressur

For more than 30 years now, calendars have been available at the Edition Boiselle! It's as if I had been producing and publishing calendars all my life, but this time has passed by in a flash. But one thing I can say with certainty and from conviction, I still enjoy creating a new calendar today as much as I did 30 years ago. The technology has changed a lot since the beginning - the quality of printing and photography, the way it is processed, the demands on layout and design - pretty much everything.

Gabriele Boiselle

photographer, editor & horsewoman

Gabriele Boiselle

An Amazon has been lost to Gabriele Boiselle. Had she been born a few thousand years earlier, she would certainly have fought alongside Penthesilea and her warriors. Just like the Amazons, Gabriele Boiselle is a fighter, strong and clever, fearless and unbending. And just like the Amazons, she also has a deep, creative love for horses, those noble creatures that play such a central role in her life and work. The photographer has no warlike ambitions like her ancestors, thank God. She has exchanged her bow and arrow for her camera and keyboard. But she uses them with such power that nobody can escape the fascination of her pictures and her texts. As a photojournalist on the road Gabriele Boiselle is an absolute professional.

Insights behind the scenes ...

Photo tips & stories - Gabriele Boiselle's personal blog

Gabriele Boiselle's philosophy

These photos are very special for Gabriele Boiselle

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