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Gabriele Boiselle - Pferd mit dm Herzen Fotografieren

Since 1985 I have been publishing not only calendars of the highest brilliance, but also numerous books that have been translated into more than 20 languages. Fascinating photographs and stories that convey emotions and the positive energy of horses are the central themes - not only in my pictures and publications, but also in my life.

Horse books & photo books

by Gabriele Boiselle


Magische Islandpferde

Titel Islandpferde shop.jpg

Magische Islandpferde

34,90 €
Size: 24 x 29 cm

Photo books on horse breeds

Buch The Arabian Horses

The Arabian Horse

29,95 €
Size: 27 x 34 cm

Bildband mit 18 verschiedene Pferderassen

Buch The World´s most beautiful Horses

The most beautiful horses

of the world

29,95 €
Size: 27 x 34 cm

Die Pferde der iberischen Halbinsel

Buch Andalusians and Lusitanos - Iberian Horses

Iberian horses -

Andalusians & Lusitanos

29,95 €
Size: 27 x 34 cm

Books on people & horses

Buch Linda Tellington-Jones

Linda Tellington-Jones

Trust your intuition

39,90 €
Size: 24 x 29 cm

Buch Kenzie Dysli und die Pferde

Kenzie Dysli

and the horses

29,50 €
Size: 24 x 29 cm

Books about special places

Buch Haupt- und Landgestüt Marbach

National State Stud


49,90 €
Size: 30 x 32 cm

101 horses

01-Titelei Neu-1-web.jpg

Horses in the photo studio

39,90 €
Size: 30 x 24 cm

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