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3 Tage, 77 Menschen, 101 Pferde und Gabriele Boiselle

"Put your horse in the spotlight" - This was the motto under which Gabriele Boiselle invited four-legged models and their people to her photo studio at the "Hansepferd" trade fair in Hamburg in 2004. Numerous different horses, from the cheeky Mini-Shetty to the mighty Shire Horse presented themselves in our photo studio in front of the bright canvas. The range of motifs extends from classic portraits and still shots to free horses without bridle and saddle, from high dressage and rapid feats in the smallest of spaces. In her book "Pferde im Fotostudio" Gabriele Boiselle would like to introduce you to the wonderful models of this special photo shooting and tell you about her experiences and encounters with horses and horse people.

This book is only available in German language!

Item number: 525

ISBN: 978-3-927589-74-2
Format: 30 x 24 cm

236 pages
Price: € 39.90

What makes this book special ...

Studio entrance for four-legged photo models - "Please knock"

"A small snake had already formed in front of the exhibition hall. The big Shire Horse mare named Anna was next and the four lively minishettis had to be patient a little longer. In front of them stood 3 musketeers in their historical costumes, waiting for their performance. Each horse had to go through a body check first: were the hooves clean and the nostrils brushed? Were the eyes free of dust and did the coat shine? No yellow stains were overlooked! If necessary, the "make-up artist" armed with oil wipes, coat spray and hoof scrapers took action. Only absolutely fine horse actors were allowed to step in front of and onto the bright canvas of the photo studio. The horses were already looking a little puzzled at the many lamps, spots and reflectors that were looking towards them. But none of the four-legged performers seemed to care too much about the hustle and bustle. After all, they were almost all trade fair professionals.

In only three days I got to know 101 horses and their people. In an intensive half hour of photo work I learned more about the horses' character and strengths than ever before. There were the shy and the "showy horses", the bored and the excited. Some of them had to be woken up a bit with umbrella and reflector. Others had to calm down with treats and a few strokes. My biggest fear that the horses would run wildly through the cable salad faded away after the first test shots.

The encounters with the horses and people were as intense as I had never imagined before - and they were much more work than I had feared in my worst nightmares. As this shooting was offered free of charge, many horse owners who would otherwise never have thought of knocking on the door of a photo studio also came. This resulted in a wonderful cross-section of many different horse breeds, from professional riders and breeders to amateur riders, a colourful mixture of horse people and horses met in our studio. I was very happy about the wonderful results that can now be seen in this book."


Gabriele Boiselle

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