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Magische Islandpferde

Gabriele Boiselle has fallen for Iceland and its horses since their first trip in the 1980s.

"Warning, this book is addicting," says Gabriele, "just like Iceland itself".

The photographer raves about Iceland. With this book full of ingenious pictures and special stories, she wants to awaken a longing in every reader, a longing for the volcanic island with its breathtaking nature.

Gabriele Boiselle takes the reader on her very personal trip to Iceland and lets him feel what it feels like to be on the move and connected with the horses. She introduces the horses as an important part of Icelandic culture, describes the people, the landscape and the magic that emanates from both.

Item number: D538
ISBN: 978-3-275-02220-5
Format: 24 x 29 cm

Only in german

256 pages
Price: € 34.90

What is special about this book ...

The volcanic island is a magical place with its own laws, in harmony with the horses and people and the mighty nature. As soon as you get there, feel the wind in your hair and taste the smell of salt, time seems to stand still.


Suddenly you remember smells and experiences, colors, cloud paintings and tiny little things from your last visit.


And once you are on horseback through this grandiose landscape with its immeasurable expanse, you feel detached from everything difficult.


This book captures the magic that is inevitably associated with riding around Iceland and getting to know the horses. When the golden sun gently touches the horizon in the Icelandic summer, only to rise again immediately, one feels enchanted. In the midst of a herd of horses, surrounded by wild manes, the innermost sides of our soul begin to resound.

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