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Buch - The Arabian Horses

The Arabian horse

Anyone who has been familiar with the "Fascination" calendar for many years will rediscover many a motif in this large-format illustrated book, but there are also many new, unique pictures to see. Let us take you on a fascinating journey around the world, always on the trail of the Arabian horses. Whether Australia, or America, Poland or Argentina, Germany or Spain, as well as Egypt and Jordan. Everywhere the horse photographer Gabriele Boiselle has been able to capture fascinating photos of special horse personalities. This book is a homage to the Arabian horse. It wants to be presented on a table and leafed through again and again, it wants to inspire and enchant ...

Item number: 529
ISBN: 978-2-80990-208-2

Multilingual edition
Format: 27 x 34 cm

320 pages
Price: € 29.95

What is special about this book ...

When I put the book together, it was like a journey back in time, back to the beginnings of my horse photography, as if I would relive all the adventures and meet the wonderful horses and people again. Over 20 years of creative work are manifested in the book and many magic moments. Of course I had to fall back on some pictures, which are only available as slides. When I was photographing in the red Kalahari desert in South Africa, there were no digital cameras yet.

Arabian horses were the trigger for my passion for horse photography and I have always remained true to them. Yes, they also play a role in my private stable. They still have this tingling magic for me and they are the greatest photo models. Again and again I return to Cairo to the State Stud, where I had the pleasure of having my very first photo shoot, of the grey stallion Akhenaton, dancing in clouds of light-flooded dust and looking more like an apparition than an actual horse. Due to its simplicity, the State Stud Al Zahraa has a fascination that cannot be compared to anything else. I have seen many luxurious and noble stables, but what always shines more than money are the horses.

I photographed one of the most beautiful sequences of my book in Jordan with the horses of Princess Alia Al Hussein. She had the confidence to give me 6 mares and 2 stallions, 8 people and a big transporter. And it was a dream come true for me, which I had dreamed 20 years ago: To photograph Arab horses running free in the desert.

This book shows the highlights of my life as a photographer, it fills my heart with pride to be able to photograph the horses so emotionally and close up. But the true brilliance of the pictures comes from the love I feel for these magnificent animals.

This homage to the Arabian horse could only take place in a large and impressive format. The book is dominated by the pictures, with little text. It is a little puristic and ingeniously simple in its design, which shows the horses to their best advantage.

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