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Photo workshop

Bückeburg 2021

Historical riding culture & baroque horses in the riding school

Date: postponed to October 2021
Further information will follow via newsletter & email

A photo seminar couldn't be more colorful, diverse and demanding. The Krischke family from the Princely Riding School in Bückeburg enchants the photographer with their baroque horses, decorative bridles and splendid historical costumes. Against the backdrop of the castle and in the gardens, they offer the most beautiful photo motifs with riding art at the highest level.


But we are also allowed to photograph their great Berber, Lusitano and Knabstupper horses running free. Bückeburg may be the smallest of the five riding schools, but it is something special and definitely offers an ideal ambience for a special kind of photo seminar!

Insight into the seminar

Photo workshop Bückeburg

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