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Panramakalender Die weite Welt der Pferde

The wide world of horses

Photographed by Gabriele Boiselle

What makes these calendars special ...

This calendar is not only very large, but also "timeless", in the truest sense of the word thanks to the diverse images that show a wide range of horses in the world, as well as the perpetual calendar.

The calendar takes you into the wide world of horses, from the Fantasia riders in Morocco to the waterfalls of Iceland, via Spain to the Friesian horses in the Netherlands. Rare breeds such as Mangalarga Marchadores from Brazil and Marwari horses from India proudly present themselves alongside the pictures of mighty draught horses, blond Haflingers and noble Arabian horses. The motifs touch the viewers soul through their intense magic and emotionality.

Special: This calendar offers you 24 beautiful monthly motifs - you can choose from two motifs for each month! So you can choose your personal favorite motif every month.

The monthly pages of these panorama calendars are almost 1 meter wide, so you are literally drawn into the almost life-size pictures. A "de luxe viewing pleasure" for every horse lover!

Item number: 102
ISBN: 978-3-944588-53-7
Format: 98 x 65 cm
Price: € 89.00

Logo Gabriele Boiselle

Exclusive photo book

Bildband - Andalusians and Lusitanos-Iberian Horses

The horses of the Iberian Peninsula

In this illustrated book you will find wonderful photographs of Andalusians and Lusitano horses, which Gabriele Boiselle has taken on her numerous trips over the past 20 years. In addition, the book gives wonderful insights into the culture of Spain and Portugal, which is largely shaped by the horses.

The wonderful Iberian horses have always enchanted the photographer Gabriele Boiselle with their special beauty and their extraordinary charisma. For many years she has been traveling to Portugal and Spain to portray the most beautiful horses. When you look at the large pictures you can really feel the temperament and pride of these horses and their roots in a centuries-old European tradition.

Discover the horses and ancient riding culture of Spain and Portugal in this emotional photo book that reflects Gabriele Boiselle's personal passion and passion for these horses and is a photographic tribute to the Iberian horses.

Item number: 536
ISBN: 978-3-7419-1833-9
Format: 27 x 34 cm

300 pages
Price: € 29.95

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