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Black beauties of Friesland

Large Friesian calendar
by Gabriele Boiselle

What makes this calendar special ...

Exclusive insights: You can not only enjoy the great motifs of this calendar, but also take a look behind the scenes: Gabriele tells you exciting stories about the stud farms and horses on each back of the monthly sheets and gives you very personal insights into her life as a horse photographer.

Friesian horses are simply something special, they have such a positive, almost mystical charisma.

When the black pearls of Friesland come into the limelight at a show, a murmur goes through the rows of spectators. They are pure magic! Fairy tales seem to be woven into her flowing mane and their long hairs at their legs makes them look like flying above the ground. My favorite thing is to photograph theses horses in their native surrounding. In Friesland you can still find families who proudly present their horses in front of the historic carriage of the region: the Sjes - a living tradition and a dream for every photographer.

Special: A large photo poster with an overview for 2021 on the back page is attached to each calendar  - especially for you to hang on your wall.Format: 51 x 98 cm

Let this calendar take you into the magical world of Friesland's black pearls and accompany you month after month through your year!

Calendar texts in german and english

Item number: 113
ISBN: 978-3-96412-032-8
Format: 62 x 58 cm

PRICE: € 32.50


Insights into the calendar

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A special friendship - Jana and “Nero”
The Friesian “Nero” and his owner Jana were my photo models at the Baltic Sea - but not actually in the sea itself, rather in the “Bodden”, as the lagoon areas behind the large sand dunes are called locally. The water there is very shallow and very still - so such surroundings make an ideal photo location. Jana and “Nero” had great fun and, at the same time, created some magnificent motifs for me as well as for my photographers, participating in the workshop. What impressed me most of all, however, was the strong bond between the two of them and the willingness and obvious pleasure with which “Nero” conducted his “job”. Therefore I would like to give Jana the opportunity to tell us herself, in her own words, about this very special friendship with “Nero”
“… Nero” is my absolute dream horse, we are simply meant for each other! Even as a child, I was horse-mad and absolutely longed for my own horse, and I wanted a Friesian: Later on, when I had the opportunity to buy my own horse, it was pure coincidence that I came across Nero – but I knew immediately: I have to get to know this horse. Our first gallop had the earth trembling beneath us, but at the same time I felt so secure sitting on his back. I had to have this horse! And my dream was indeed fulfilled. After a week of training, I took off his bridle and we cantered completely freely across the riding arena. After the second week, he trotted along after me. After three months, he could lie down in response to my command – I would lie down with him and we cuddled in the sand. My goodness, we experienced so many “first times“ together – first time at a show, first time riding along the beach, first time riding in the presence of spectators, a long-distance trek, with a neckring out in the countryside. Every new challenge we took on brought us closer together. I was able to teach him a lot – but I could learn even more from him. What could I learn? To be less ambitious, for example, and to adapt more to him. I had to start thinking differently, to forget my own plans, and rather to enjoy the special sense of each and every individual moment. “Nero” is a clown who quickly wins the hearts of those around him. He loves to be admired, and when he becomes aware of the fact that he is in the role of a photo model he is completely in his element. One sentence I often hear about him is: “He is truly beautiful – and he knows it.“ Nevertheless, he is a poser with the heart of a mouse. He is cautious, but also curious – he takes time to look carefully at anything which is new, and orientates himself according to other horses, or to me. For him, I am the centre of his life – and together we are so strong, we can tackle almost anything.“
More information about Nero and Jana Baade is available on Instagram under: @wunderfriesenero


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On the road with Gabriele Boiselle.

Exclusive photobook

Bildband - The World´s most bautiful Horses

Horses & cultures from all over the world

The fascinating world of horses, presented in the most beautiful and emotional pictures by the well-known horse photographer Gabriele Boiselle. On 448 large-format pages, wonderful photographs of 18 different breeds of horse from different continents, cultures and countries are presented.

With this book, the reader immerses himself in the diverse and fascinating world of horses, taken by the hand by the photographer Gabriele Boiselle, who has summarized her photographic work of the past decades in this book. Again and again she manages to portray horses in great intensity and you can feel her love and her professionalism in every page of this magificant photo book.

"... Whoever looks through the camera sees more than other people, because photography is a kind of meditation - if you take it seriously. In relation to the special subject of horses, photography is also a key to discovering the soul of the horse. And this often results in a new way of getting closer to your own soul, your essence. Everything is related to everything! ... "

Item number: 531
ISBN: 978-3-7419-2076-9

Format: 27 x 34 cm

448 pages
Price: € 29.95

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