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Wonderful Haflinger horses in 24 calendar motifs

Photographed by Gabriele Boiselle

What makes this calendar special ...

Haflinger - Mountain horses of the Alps.
During the last 30 years the charming “blond” horses which originate from the mountains of South Tyrol have transformed from well-behaved work horses to elegant sport horses. Their nobility comes from their Arab ancestors; their long, light-coloured feathers reflect the cold-blood involvement in their pedigrees.

The bright chestnut colour of the coat is a typical feature of the Haflinger and it can range from quite a light colour through all shades to a dark liver chestnut. Irrespective of the shade of their coat, however, they always have a magnificent light tail and a “blond” mane. Intelligent, with great stamina, willing to work and very people-oriented, they always seek contact with the rider, are very versatile in sport and ideal for teenagers. Whether in front of a carriage, in the dressage arena or as leisure horse: They master difficult tasks confidently and their willingness to perform is legendary.

Item number: 161
ISBN: 978-3-96412-038-0
Format: 46 x 39 cm

PRICE: € 19.50

Gabriele Boiselle is photographing the beautiful Haflinger horses with their blond manes for many years and she is fascinated by their charm and beauty. Look forward to 24 wonderful motifs from these special horses.


Insights into the calendar

Insights into the calendar


Many thanks to the wonderful Linder family from Haflingerhof Rosshaupten and to Ponypark Padenstedt! You always present me your horses in many different variation. I hope I can perfectly present the breed of Haflinger horses and their special charm in my photos and calendars.

In this calendar for 2020, however, the horses of Elke and Claus Luber are in the foreground for the first time. These two people are so incredibly crazy and lovable that I definitely want to appreciate that.

Whenever I visit them, no matter what the weather was like and what kind of photoshooting we have planned, the realisation was always no problem for Claus and Elke. Whether at 5 a.m. in the morning or late in the evening - these two and their horses were always ready for any fun and adventure.
I have rarely seen horses so happy! Their horses would go through the fire for their two horseloving people and have already done so in various shows. Even though they were engaged at the Cavalluna show for 8 months, they still found time to take photos with me.
I would like to express my utmost respect and gratitude to both of them and I am sure that the next Haflinger calendar will also have a large "Luber share" again.

For everyone who photographs horses, here's a little tip: do your photo shoots with people who are positive and happy, who have a sense of humor and who have a real emotional connection to their horses - then the pictures you take will be perfect! Because this glow from the inside cannot be created with the best photo technology!


Exclusive photo book

The World´s most beautiful Horses

Horses & cultures from all over the world

The fascinating world of horses, presented in the most beautiful and emotional pictures by the well-known horse photographer Gabriele Boiselle. On 448 large-format pages, wonderful photographs of 18 different breeds of horse from different continents, cultures and countries are presented.

With this book, the reader immerses himself in the diverse and fascinating world of horses, taken by the hand by the photographer Gabriele Boiselle, who has summarized her photographic work of the past decades in this book. Again and again she manages to portray horses in great intensity and you can feel her love and her professionalism in every page of this magificant photo book.

"... Whoever looks through the camera sees more than other people, because photography is a kind of meditation - if you take it seriously. In relation to the special subject of horses, photography is also a key to discovering the soul of the horse. And this often results in a new way of getting closer to your own soul, your essence. Everything is related to everything! ... "

Item number: 531
ISBN: 978-3-7419-2076-9

Format: 27 x 34 cm

448 pages
Price: € 29.95

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