Icelandic horses in 24 calendar motifs

Photographed by Gabriele Boiselle and Kolbrún Grétarsdottier

What makes this calendar special ...

Icelandic horse are of a temperament which is kinder than you have ever come across and yet at the same time hard and relentless. Over the course of centuries they have perfectly adapted to the vagaries of this island in the north. In their manes they capture the magic of the midnight sun and their hooves hover over the black volcanic ash.

Anyone who has ever visited Iceland and ridden an Icelandic horse across the completely unspoiled volcanic countryside will never forget the experience and will hold it in their heart for the rest of their life.

 You simply forget any concept of time and space and find yourself merging with nature. On horseback it is possible to reestablish a sense of inner harmony, you feel the horses' breath and adapt to their movements. You breathe more consciously and deeply, fill your lungs with a beautifully different kind of air and completely amaze yourself about the interesting changes you notice day by day.


Iceland, its countryside, its people, and naturally its wonderful horses, exude a special magic which is virtually irresistible.

Special: This calendar offers you 24 beautiful monthly motifs - you can choose from two motifs for each month! So you can choose your personal favorite motif every month!

It is very important to Gabriele Boiselle and her Icelandic colleague Kolbrún Grétarsdottir to capture the special fascination of Iceland in emotional pictures and to inspire you with this calendar for Iceland and his horses.

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Friesian young stallions in Friesland, Bosma stud

One would hardly suspect that this herd of two-year-old stallions was photographed in Friesland. As a photographer, one thinks of flat meadows and windmills, of space and a lot of sky. But even there in the north of Holland there are small forests and very hidden paddocks that I would never have found if I had not been led there. The guys were all the more surprised when they got a visit early in the morning. Some of the Friesenyoungsters were still in a deep sleep and blinked their eyes in disbelief, but were then on their feet with one jump and stormed across the meadow with their friends. Wonderful this power and unused energy! But what we see here are not just young stallions -
  it is a select group of the offspring of the Bosma stud. It was one of the first stud farms that I visited at the beginning of my Frisian photography. The Bosmas welcomed me with open arms and then sat at the kitchen table in a typical Frisian house and drank the typical super strong black coffee in which the spoon stops. They introduced me to their horses and taught me a lot about Frisians. They bred stallions like "Abe 346" and "Man 416" and "Reinder 452" that will never be forgotten and that I had the honor of being able to photograph.
Their brittle and angular way of working together has not changed since then. Her son has followed in his parents' footsteps and continues to run the stud in exactly the same modest but determined way. You can see their trophies and ribbons standing in the garage dusty when you come through the back entrance - they don't have an elegant office or trophy room for that. The "Bosmas" have a big heart and a lot of horse understanding and wonderful horses with whom they live wall to wall. Often they are underestimated because they have remained so Frisian, in contrast to some super professional sales stalls. But people like the Bosmas from the heart of Friesland in Kollumerzwaag are the guarantee that there will always be real Friesian horses.



Iceland is pure magic

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Bildband - The World´s most beautiful Horses

Horses & cultures from all over the world

The fascinating world of horses, presented in the most beautiful and emotional pictures by the well-known horse photographer Gabriele Boiselle. On 448 large-format pages, wonderful photographs of 18 different breeds of horse from different continents, cultures and countries are presented.

With this book, the reader immerses himself in the diverse and fascinating world of horses, taken by the hand by the photographer Gabriele Boiselle, who has summarized her photographic work of the past decades in this book. Again and again she manages to portray horses in great intensity and you can feel her love and her professionalism in every page of this magificant photo book.

"... Whoever looks through the camera sees more than other people, because photography is a kind of meditation - if you take it seriously. In relation to the special subject of horses, photography is also a key to discovering the soul of the horse. And this often results in a new way of getting closer to your own soul, your essence. Everything is related to everything! ... „

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