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Lipica 2022

Postponed to: mid-June 2022
Price and further information will be announced

Unfortunately, the administration of the Slovenian state stud informed me that the renovation of the golf hotel on the stud grounds can only be completed in the course of the summer. As soon as there is news and an exact date, you will find out here.

The Lipica State Stud with its large herds of mares and their foals is a wonderful place that I love very much and where I always like to return. No photographer who has ever been there with me will forget this special atmosphere. We are privileged guests who are allowed to take photos anywhere on the stud farm and in the stables. There are so many motives and the friendliness of the people and the staff is amazing. It is particularly attractive that our hotel is defacto in the middle of the stud and you can walk to the horses at any time.

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