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Photo workshop


Oberurff 2021

Friesian horses in
Oberurff stud

Date: 15. -16. May 2020

Price: € 427, including drinks, Sunday brunch, without overnight stay


One week before Pentecost, we first travel to the Frisians and are guests at the Oberurff stud near Kassel. There I have the cover of my current Frisian calendar  photographed in a wild garden with bright orange and pink rhododendron flowers. The Friesian stallion "Odin" - my favorite model - has a mane that is almost to the ground and the stallion "Karon" is an impressive personality who exudes a very special charisma. To strengthen us, we will have a picnic in the park under an old oak tree, surrounded by historic half-timbered buildings - the place is not only magical, but lets everything fall away from you that has eaten your soul in the Corona times.

Due to the great demand, we are currently planning a second seminar - probably in October!

Video story

Friesian stallion Karon in the old riding hall in Oberurff

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