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Photo workshop

Neustadt / Dosse 2021

Summer fun in
Main and state stud Neustadt / Dosse

Date: August 14-15, 2021

Price: € 427, including drinks, Sunday brunch, without overnight stay

This is exactly how the stud farms used to be structured: spacious, stately, impressive. There in Neustadt / Dosse you can experience the breeding of excellent sport horses and cold-blooded horses, but also some other breeds. The surroundings, the forests, the avenues, the historic stables and of course the horses offer us many fantastic motifs.
Young stud prospects and trainees introduce us to the horses, perfectly prepared, or have fun riding through the splashing water of a stream. We can sometimes even live at the stud and are included in this special atmosphere.

Do you feel addressed? Then contact us and register as soon as possible, because I've made the experience that this workshop is booked out very early.

Insights into the seminar

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