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A perfect diary for appointments & notes

What makes these calendars special ...

This photo agenda is a matter close to my heart. In the picture and short text I tell you special stories about horses and people I met and I introduce you to one of my own horses.

In addition, the "Horses" agenda is a perfect planner for your appointments & personal notes.

An address section and a calendar overview complete it to a year companion that many no longer want to do without.

"... My photo agenda has already become a cult object among horselovers! It has not appeared in my calendar collection during in the last year, which had bitterly disappointed many fans of this special diary. All fans can look forward to 2021 again, because I have spared no effort to design and write more than 156 pages again. It is a small book with a lot of soul, beautiful horse pictures and many personal stories. ... "

Gabriele Boiselle

Item number: 152
ISBN: 978-3-96412-041-0
Format: 17 x 22 cm
PRICE: € 18.50

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