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Photo workshop


Schwaiganger 2021

Bavarian summer in
Main and State Stud Schwaiganger

Date: 24.-25. July 2021

Price: € 427, including drinks, Sunday brunch, without overnight stay

Look forward to a wonderful weekend seminar at the Bavarian main and state stud in Schwaiganger. Mighty cold-blooded horses in neat harness, wonderful warm-blooded horses and blond-maned Haflingers await us. The employees of the stud are at our side with a lot of commitment and also present the horses in traditional Bavarian tension. In proper style, the driver is in leather pants and his hat is adorned with a mighty chamois beard.


The stud is picturesquely situated in the foothills of the Alps with a view of the Zugspitze. The horses stand in a wonderful setting on lush meadows and enjoy their lives. When you enter the stud you are enveloped in a calm and serenity that is very strange for many city dwellers at first, but believe me, everyone comes to rest here, reflects on the essentials and gets into the joy of photography.


Insights into the seminar

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