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Black Forest draft horse

Schwarzwälder Kaltblut

To experience a Black Forest draft horse in full action is truly an event! When the dark foxes with their long, flowing, white mane thunder up full of power and high spirits, the earth shakes and the atmosphere is full of energy. In doing so, they show a temperament and agility that one would not have expected the cozy fat man to be capable of before. The Black Forest foxes were bred especially for heavy forest work on the steep slopes of the Black Forest and were always real family horses. This pearl of the Black Forest almost disappeared forever, because the breed was almost extinct in the 1960s.


Fortunately, these beautiful powerhouses with the fir tree brand are finding more and more fans. It is thanks to many dedicated breeders and the main and state stud Marbach that these unique horses have been preserved.

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Have fun watching!

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