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Lipizzaners - horses of the emperors


In this gallery I would like to introduce you to a very special breed of horse that is world famous and has delighted people all over the world for more than four centuries: the magnificent white horses from the "Spanish Riding School" in Vienna.

Her impressive school jumps above the ground like the Capriole are exercises in a riding art that dates back to a time when horses had a decisive influence on war battles. The Riding School travels the whole world on its tours and repeatedly inspires thousands of people with its performances, celebrated in three-cornered hats and dress uniforms on snow-white horses. But when a Lipizzaner foal is born, it is still very dark brown and spends its childhood in the shelter of the herd on the endless pastures of the Austrian state stud Piber. There they are allowed to spend their youth before their careers as stars of the riding school begin. Hardly anyone knows that the Lipizzaners are not only bred in Austria, but also in Slovenia, Italy, Hungary and Slovakia. I have often been a guest at the Austrian Lipizzaner stud Piber and the Slovenian state stud Kobilarna Lipica - Lipica Stud Farm - they are very special places, full of history and knowledge about the appropriate rearing and training of horses! If you have the opportunity to visit these stud farms, then you have to do it and don't forget your camera!

Just click on a picture and browse through the gallery.

Have fun watching!


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