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Adventure Serengeti


With this gallery I would like to take you on a ride through the Serengeti, which is roamed by hundreds of thousands of wildebeests, from zebras and antelopes, a steppe landscape that is green in February and only gradually dries up to a desert during the year. There you can experience a vastness whose sky seems infinite and which is populated by vultures, marabus and thousands of birds. It is an immersion in a world in which a little piece of paradise has been preserved.


In February 2020 I was in Tanzania with my friend Mel Fox from EQUITOURS and the horses from Jo Westermark from Kaskazi Horse Safaris .

Galloping through the Serengeti is pure freedom, pure joy and pure adventure: not for the faint-hearted! And you should bring a certain amount of stamina and condition. Either you are leisurely walking or galloping briskly, that is as much fun for the horses as for the riders. The horses have no fat on their ribs, they are made up of muscles and are extremely well-trained, robust and adapted to the heat. At night they are given warm blankets. They become your best friend and are happy about the apple in your pocket as well as your own horse.



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