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Photo tour


Iceland 2021

Postponed to August 2022
Prices and further details will be announced soon!

Unfortunately, the current entry regulations for Iceland state that only people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 are allowed to enter. Since I fear that the situation will not change much until August and that it is therefore very unlikely to get a group of sufficiently vaccinated people - including myself - together by then, I am unfortunately forced to postpone this trip to next year 2022 .

I am so sorry, because my own longing for Iceland is great!

I am so drawn to Iceland after two years without being there and I hope that in August it will be possible to travel there again with a group.
I am in the middle of the preparations and plan to take a limited number of 6 horse and photo fans on a unique 8-day photo tour and a 3-day ride on sure-footed Icelandic horses over black lava sand and through the wild, pristine landscape of Iceland. This wonderful volcanic island with its horses and people is pure magic!


Magical Iceland - land of horses

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