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Photo workshop


Marbach 2021

Spring on the
Swabian Alb

Date: 29. -30. May 2020

Price: € 427, including drinks, Sunday brunch, without overnight stay

The main and state stud Marbach on the Swabian Alb has so many different facets and perspectives that you can hardly "get enough of photos". With its various preparatory works, it offers a wide range of topics and motifs for my photography course. High-spirited horse children who hop around their noble Arab mothers on the late summer meadows and look curiously into the camera, mighty Black Forest foxes running free and in front of the carriage, noble warmblood stallions and spirited thoroughbred Arabs complete the variety of motifs that await us in Marbach and yours too Let the photographer's heart beat faster. But how do you capture these impressions and diverse scenes with the camera, how do you take special pictures? You will learn all of this in this photo seminar and in the end you will also go home with many magical pictures.

Seminar impressions

Photo workshop Marbach

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