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24 emotional motifs of women and horses

Photographed by Alexandra Evang

What makes this calendar special ...

"Horselove" is a special calendar that focuses on the unique relationship between women and horses. In romantic pictures, photographer Alexandra Evang succeeds in reflecting the love and connection between humans and animals.

Her specialty is to hold on to the tenderness of a woman or girl in connection with the strong and sensitive nature of a horse. She is a young dynamic woman who has made her ability to capture emotions in pictures her job.

 Her unmistakable style is characterized by a lot of feeling and the play with light and has finally become her trademark. She purposefully optimizes the language of the pictures, gives them depth with her own flair and hits some viewers right in the heart.


This calendar is a tribute to the love of horses. Let yourself be enchanted by 24 emotional images.

Item number: 228
ISBN: 978-3-96412-036-6
Format: 46 x 39 cm

PRICE: € 19.50

"... During the time Alexandra worked for the Edition Boiselle and accompanied me to photoshoots, I immediately recognized her special talent. It is a pleasure for me to publish her wonderful pictures in calendar collection for the third time ..."

Gabriele Boiselle


Insights into the calendar

Alexandra Evang Photography

"... My name is Alexandra Evang, I love emotional portraits of horses & people and this year I have the honor to launch my own calendar for 2020 in collaboration with Edition Boiselle.
2020 will be a special year! My calendar appears with 24 instead of "only" 12 pictures  as ususal and 2020 is also the year in which I can say that I have known Gabriele Boiselle, one of the most important photographers, authors and ambassadors of horses, personally for more than 10 years. 10 years in which the contact never broke! If someone had told me that a few years after my internship (2009) in the Edition Boiselle I was allowed to fill my own calendar with my pictures - I wouldn't hardly have thought it possible.

It is a great honor and joy for me and I am proud to know that my pictures can decorate so many of your walls. It's not just a calendar, it's so much more. Here you can see 24 wonderful love stories of people and their horses. At this point I don't want to miss thanking the teams for making this calendar what it is: a work full of emotions and friendship ...

I am so excited to know if you like the calendar and send you all the love… ”

Yours Alex

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